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A Kick-Ass Start For Your Business!!!

Thomas Jones Consultants are offering a kick-ass start to your business, so look no further as this offer can’t be beaten! Get your free download here:

If, like most new business owners, you are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea what to do or when to do it then worry not because we have an amazing offer for you.

At Thomas Jones Consultants, we have been supporting new business owners for over 5 years and have helped hundreds of businesses to get going – but what we found with most new business owners is that they were spending money and time on things they didn’t need or that they could do simpler or cheaper.

During one of my workshops a client asked “but can’t you just show us in one course everything we need to do to get going?”

There were a few murmurings from the rest of the attendees and so I asked what they were thinking. It seems that a lot of people were spending their valuable time attending workshop after workshop trying to figure out what they needed to know to get their business to be profitable.

It also seemed that each workshop they attended just confused them even more as they then had a whole new load of stuff to implement and some went against what they had already learnt or done. We at Thomas Jones however love a challenge, so I told him that I would look into it.

And so our Kick-ass Business Mentoring Package was born. We have put together a simple 7 step system that anyone can follow (with videos and worksheets) to take you through the business building process in one simple online course. It includes:

  • Branding (logo and identity) – Helping you to get noticed online
  • Creating your hook – How to entice potential customers into your business
  • Lead magnet creation – How to generate leads who actually want to buy your products or services
  • Sales funnel – How to create a “funnel” that will encourage higher spends from your customers
  • Email campaign design – How to follow up your leads WITHOUT lifting a finger or making a single call
  • Website design and build – Get your website working for you to promote your business and gather leads
  • Social media – Learn where, when and how to post on the social media platforms
  • Marketing and advertising  – Support and guidance

This mentoring package is designed to show you how to do things for yourself so that you can save on cost, guard against con-artists and share or sell your knowledge in the future.

It is a structured 7 step system that you can begin implementing in your business on day 1. It is for brand new businesses who haven’t even registered yet; to those businesses that have been trading for a while but need an overhaul to enable them to grow.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge, you don’t need to be technically minded and you don’t need to have lots of money to invest in extras. You will be shown free or inexpensive ways of doing things and you can improve on them later when you can afford to buy better systems and tools as your business begins to grow and develop.

If you can copy and paste then you can follow my simple 7 step system to success!

The course is taken online so you can do it whenever it is convenient for you and there is of course support from us if you need it. It is designed to take place over 4 months with each step building on the last. So in just 4 months you will have a business that is mostly running itself in terms of generating and gathering leads and following up on those leads too.

If it sounds too good to be true IT IS! This is a new service that I am offering and as such the first people to take up the package will be “guinea-pigs”. I am therefore offering this package at half price £1,000 in return for feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

You can choose whether to pay the £1,000 up front or spread the cost over 4 months (£250 for 4 months) Payments are handled by PayPal for your financial security.

No Risk 30 day money back guarantee! Come and work with us for a month. If you don’t think we are a good fit, or for any reason you don’t think the package is suitable for you then I will refund any money you have paid without quibble. The only thing I will ask for is some feedback on why you have decided to leave so that I can use this to improve my service.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started on your Kick-ass mentoring package