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The Number 1 Reason Why Most New Businesses Fail (Pt 2)

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time” Arnold H Glasow

This is a bit of a lengthy post so you might want to go and grab yourself a cuppa. It’s worth it though, so make sure you come back…

Okay, so you thought you’d become an entrepreneur and start your own business. You’ve done loads of research, read lots of different books from lots of different authors and learnt one lesson from all of them – you can start a small business fairly easily and and make a tonne of money from it.

You’d be mad not to then right?

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The Number 1 Reason Why Most New Businesses Fail (Pt 1)

Have you ever wondered why most new businesses fail?

What I’m going to talk about in this post will probably make you feel a little uncomfortable, and maybe a little annoyed, as it will definitely make starting your business a longer process for you. But I guarantee that if you take the advice within it, you will have a successful business that is both attracting new customers AND making money for you much faster!

Okay, let’s explore some of the reasons why most brilliant new businesses fail.

Can you relate to any of this?…

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Have You Set Your Christmas Blogging Goals Yet?

Have you set your Christmas blogging goals yet? No? I know it’s still only November, but really, you need to get a move on.

Most marketers will tell you that you need to be promoting your products, services, promotions or holiday content at least 47 days before the holiday. This is so that it gets time to get viewed a few times before the big day.

Why do you need it to get viewed a few times? Won’t that just annoy people?  Find out the answer to that here….

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How To Write A Great Blog Post

Are you trying to find out how to write a great blog post? Great, then grab a cuppa and let’s get started.

First of all a blog post is just an article which appears on a blog. Like this one that you’re reading right now.

It is designed to inform, inspire, educate or entertain it’s readers, or to promote a product or service that you may have or want to recommend.

This particular post is going to be educating you. It is going to be teaching you exactly how to write a great blog post from scratch. You will learn something from it and so I consider it to be educational. I hope it is a little inspirational too though.

The read time of this post is around  10 mins. Short on time? Listen to the podcast instead.

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