About Us


We offer innovative one to one mentoring sessions and training events for small business owners and entrepreneurs at unbeatable prices.


Our vision is to become the best mentoring company for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the next 5 years. Our success will come from our innovative ideas, our understanding of our clientele and their needs, and our continuous strive for improvement.

We are constantly updating our own skills and knowledge through courses, daily activities within our own business, networking with others and seeking out new methods and techniques that we can then pass on to our clients.

We are passionate about helping others to become as successful as possible, and to help them avoid annoying and sometimes costly mistakes. Our caring and sharing ethos is visible in everything we do and we will always provide the best quality products and services for our clients at the best possible prices.


Hi, I’m Lynne Thomas founder and MD of Thomas Jones Consultants Ltd.  I am, among other things a business coach. I say among other things because I am also an online marketer, a re-seller, an affiliate marketer, a trainer and mentor as well as running workshops for new business owners who need help with building websites and getting their business found on the internet.

It is because I do all these other things that I know what problems people face when they are new to business and especially new to online business. In the real world you could just buy a shop, fill it with stock and put an open for business sign on your door and passers by could pop in and see what you have to offer. The online world is different. How do you get passers by on the internet? How do you get people to find your website and therefore your wonderful goods and services?

I often get asked for help with designing and building websites as people have gone down the “free” site route and found it doesn’t do what they want. Some have paid hundreds of pounds to get one built with a few pages and then found they have problems every time they try to update or amend anything.

I also get asked where to advertise on the internet to get customers to find you and how much you should expect to be paying for adverts. I have come to realise that lots of people are having the same problems and struggles that I had when I first started out in business and I wanted to help them.

I have been a trainer/tutor for many years (and still am) and so when I got started in business and began to find my way around things (with lots of help from others I might add) I wanted to give something back and began coaching others through posts and videos that I published on my website.

Things have grown a little since then though and I wanted to create a business that was specifically designed to help people who are starting out in business. I wanted to try and answer as many questions as I could for them and try to find the cheapest simplest way of doing things for them as possible so that they can get up and running without it costing them a fortune.

For those who have businesses in my geographical area, I will come out to you and show you how to do things using your own systems, computers and tools. I can get to know your business and offer further advice and guidance as we work together on growing your business.

I do, of course, offer a one to one coaching service via Skype for those who are not in my geographical area but would still like a more bespoke service or for those who prefer to work alongside someone rather than just reading instructions. I charge £30 per hour and you get to choose how often you speak to me as there is no minimum or maximum sessions.

I hope you gain lots of information and knowledge from my site. It might not all be me, I do embed useful and current YouTube videos into my posts as they are a great way to learn and other people are much better at video stuff than I am – we all have our skills as you will soon learn.

On that note I will also be giving you some great sites for outsourcing which don’t cost you a packet and recommending some free plugins that I have used and found helpful.

Please feel free to contact me as I would love some feedback and suggestions about how else I can help you on your business journey.


Call: 07736 396519



“Hi, I’m Martyn and I look after anything technical. I sort out issues with the website, emails, phones etc to make sure that everyone is contactable at all times. I do, occasionally run a workshop but I am happier in the background sorting things out and making sure the business runs as smoothly as possible.

If you have any suggestions, or a hint or tip for me, then I would be glad to hear it. Please contact me at info@thomasjonesconsultants.co.uk”


The rest of the team:

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce: help us to signpost our clients to other services and support options as well as available funding opportunities. We are very proud to be a member of our local chamber.

Start Your Own Business: This online support company helps new business to get started by offering a wealth of information and online tools, and we are happy to be a partner for them.

We have, over the years joined forces with many other businesses to be able to cover the parts of the business that we are not so familiar with and can help with HR, Recruitment, Book Keeping and many other things.

So that’s us. We have created our business to help your business and everything we do is to help you, so don’t be shy, join our community here or drop us a line to say hi and tell us about what you do!