Get a Website for Under £80

Get a Website for Under £80

Get a domain name and website for under £80. There is no need to have to pay huge amounts of money for a good domain name or a hosted website. A hosted website just means that someone is looking after it for you on their server which means it is ready to go live on the internet any time of the day or night. They make sure that things keep working and if you need any help there is someone there to answer your questions.

As usual, I am letting you know about a simple, affordable, good value product that I have tried and tested and can whole-heartedly recommend. I have recommended them to my clients over the last 12 months or so and they too have found them simple to use, cheap to buy and have said that the support is excellent when they have needed it.

You simply click here and go first to the domain tab (this is an affiliate link and should you join they will pay me a small commission so thank you in advance). Here you can try different domain names out to see which are available and how much they would cost you to purchase (usually around £8).

How to get a website for under £40

Once you have decided on a domain name that you are happy with simply click on the hosted tab and go to "wordpress hosting" which you will find at the top of the right hand column. (I recommend wordpress because it is very easy to use and it has lots of free plugins that you can download too).

How to get a website for under £40

There are lots of different packages to choose from so just choose the one that you think will be best for you. If you are not sure then choose the £2.91 per month option. I started one of my large websites from this and only needed to upgrade once I started getting over 25,000 page views. If you do need a bigger one at some point then you can upgrade as you go along. This will be charged as 1 x upfront payment of £70.00 for 2 years. The domain you will get free for the first year.


Once you have purchased your domain name and website you will need to wait for the website and domain name to be "pointed" at the TSOhost server. This just means that it needs to register it and do some stuff in the background before it can let you start playing on it.

Once you receive your log ins etc for your website from TSOhost then log in and install a theme for your website. The theme you choose will be one that reflects what your website is about and how you want your viewers to interact with it. Have a look at some websites from your competitors to see what sort of themes they are using and then find one similar.  You can go to Free WordPress Themes on Google to find countless options.

Like I said, there is no need to spend a fortune on websites and names. This totally simple, affordable package has you well looked after.

Click "I want a website" to start right now and be taken to the page where you enter your domain name to see if it's available. If you would like a little guide that shows you step by step in short videos how to get your domain and build your website then please download the guide it's amazing value at only £9.99!

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