Have You Discovered The Power Of Pinterest Yet?

Have you discovered the power of Pinterest yet? No? Well you need to start looking at it as a serious option for promoting your business online.

I know, I thought it was just for people to put pictures of wedding dresses on too. But I was wrong. Turns out it is a rapidly growing search engine, especially for those aged between 18 and 24.

Think of Pinterest as Google with pictures. Instead of just getting a lot of words pop up when you put in a search phrase such as “best tools to help small businesses” you will actually get pictures of the options to help you decide which one is best. Cool huh?

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As you can see, this is an example of one of my earlier pins. You can think of pins as mini adverts. You can put an attractive image, some words and a link to your website all in one pin.

You can also create multiple pins for the same post which gives you a chance to try out different images or headlines to see which one resonates best with your audience.

Here is a variation on the theme that I created for my other blog, Lynne-thomas.com where I help people to become better bloggers. This one is one of my most successful pins to date. I have also found that when I use the same image for other pins, they too are pretty successful.

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You will see, when you click on the image (or pin) that you are taken to the website of the pinner. The pin has acted as an enticement for your audience to click, just like a regular advert would on Facebook or Google. The beauty here though is that this advert is absolutely free!

By creating pins for your business (or blog) you are able to attract many new customers to your website that would perhaps otherwise never visit. The image and headline on your pin will attract the attention of people who are trying to solve that particular problem or find that particular piece of information.

Make sure that your pin has a headline that attracts attention. You can use a free tool called AMInstitute.com to test your headlines for emotional content. The more emotional your headline, the more chance it has of attracting attention and getting clicked. Check it out, it’s fun as well.

Then you need a good image. The best colours for Pinterest seem to be reds, oranges and pinks. Remember that Pinterest is still very much a place for women. Over 75% of its current users are female. Also remember that it’s largest audience is the US but this doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your own business locally, it just means that you need to be a bit more selective with your key words so that you mention your locality in the pin descriptions and boards etc.

If you would like to give Pinterest a try, I have created some short video tutorials here that will show you the basics of setting up your account and getting your boards and first pins done. Just enter your email address below to grab your FREE copy.

Have you discovered the power of Pinterest yet? Click here for your free video tutorials to get you started.


I hope that this post has helped to convince you to try out Pinterest as I firmly believe that right now, on social media or the internet in general, there is no better or cheaper place to promote your business and get it in front of thousands of potential customers.

Are you already using Pinterest? Do you have any comments, ideas, suggestions or advice for us so that we can use it even more effectively? Just comment below and share your expertise with us. We will be very grateful.

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