How I Used ClickFunnels To Sky Rocket My Sales

ClickFunnels has to be one of my most favourite tools. It’s not free (although they do give you a month’s free trial so that you can try it out) but it has made all the difference to my blog and business website.

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What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a company that provides templates that enable you to create drag and drop landing and opt-in pages. These templates are so easy to use that it took me all of 20 minutes to create my first ever opt-in page (and believe me I am not techy and have almost zero patience).

You create an account with them and then you can start to create your own sales funnels. Sales funnels are a way of leading your customers down a particular path, a bit like this:

  • You create a freebie as a loss leader or enticement for them to give you their email address
  • You follow up with them a day or so later asking them how they got on with your freebie
  • You then let them know about an amazing offer you have on something that will let them build on what the freebie did
  • Depending on whether they take you up on the offer depends on what you do next.

You could

A) Repeat the offer to them to try and entice them to take you up on it if they didn’t the first time around


B) Get in touch with them a little while after making the purchase to see how they are getting on and make them another fantastic offer on something that builds even further on the previous purchase.

So what’s all this got to do with how ClickFunnels sky rocketed my sales?

Because I was able to build those funnels so easily, literally copy and paste or drag and drop, I was able to start mimicking what the big organisations do. I was able to create professional looking opt-ins to get subscribers to my blog and interested people to my website.

This meant that I was able to start building a list of people who were actually interested in what I had to say and sell. They were giving me their email address in exchange for information that I had and which they considered valuable.

Instead of just giving away all my secrets and assets (which I had been doing for years because that’s the sort of person I am) I could now behave in a more business like manner and actually collect names or email addresses of the people who wanted to know more about what I had to offer.

This meant that I could follow up with them. I had their email address so I could contact them and start to build a relationship with them. For me, and you if you want to build loyal and repeat customers, it’s about building that relationship where a trust is formed.

If people don’t like you, know you or trust you online then they WILL NOT buy from you. However, if you provide them with lots of valuable content for free or low cost then you will begin to earn their trust.

Once trust is established then sales are usually far more easy to make. I now have regular customers who come back time and again to buy whatever it is that I am offering because they have sampled what I do and like it and they trust that this latest offering will be to the same standard and offer the same value. Trust has been established and a bond created.

It was ClickFunnels that allowed me to do this professionally and, more importantly for me, easily. I am an older entrepreneur and I find technology can be confusing and can put me off doing something if it is too complicated. ClickFunnels is definitely not this.

As any of you who regularly read my blog will know, I specialize in providing free or low cost tools and resources which are easy to use, to new and small businesses and bloggers. This is my whole business model. You can check out some other great tools and resources in this post,”12 Free & Easy Tools For Technophobes

As such, I am pleased to announce that ClickFunnels absolutely fits into this model. I will point out though that low cost doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. ClickFunnels isn’t exactly cheap at around $90 a month – but it is by far not the most expensive option either.

It is because of its ease of use that I am really extolling their virtue. For anyone who needs something simple that they can learn in a day then this is most definitely it. The CEO Russel has amazingly simple to follow video tutorials too, which you can follow along with and go back to whenever you need to.

The little banner you saw earlier which asks you if you would like to access my resource library, I made that in 5 minutes on ClickFunnels. I then just dropped it into my post using a short code that ClickFunnels provides which is created right here inside my very own website. I don’t even have to go off the page.

I’ll show you…

I’ve created my opt-in inside ClickFunnels. I then integrate ClickFunnels to my website and then it shows a ClickFunnels option on my dashboard menu like this…

Picture of dashboard containing Clickfunnels link

I then hover over the tab which gives me the option to go to the shortcodes…

Picture of dashboard showing ClickFunnels Shortcodes

Once I do that it takes me to the page where I can choose which funnel or opt-in  I want to show. It then gives me a code that I just copy and paste into my post.

Image showing Click Funnels short code to add to post

It then shows the code as the actual opt-in page like this

This opt-in page will gather your email address, thank you for entering it and give you a password to access my Resource Library – go on, give it a go.

For those people who do ask for access I know that they must be trying to find resources to help them with their blog or business online. I can then make sure that the next cool tool that I find online I can tell them about.

This helps to build a long-term relationship because they know I will tell them about tools that will help them to succeed in business and that they are free or low cost and very easy to use.

Because I do this consistently, they can trust that when I tell them to try something, it will be something actually worth trying; and not just me trying to get them to buy something that is of no value or use to them.

It is because I started doing this that my sales sky-rocketed. I am now able to make repeat sales to loyal customers who trust me and believe what I tell them. This is absolutely priceless and has made all the difference to my business.

If you would like to find out more about ClickFunnels and how they can help your sales to sky-rocket then why not get this free bookIt is written by Russel Brunson CEO of ClickFunnels and champion of the sales funnel online. He just paid for your book (where do you want it shipped?)

That’s it from me for now then, and my latest recommendation of a cool and easy to use tool for your business. Try out the opt-in form and get access to  some really amazing tools that I have found that will help you to improve your blog, build your business or create better content. I will also send you more information on other great tools that I find on my journey around the internet.

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How I used clickfunnels to skyrocket my sales



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