How To Attract More Customers

How To Attract More Customers

How to attract more customers seems like the ultimate challenge, but it needn’t be. There are a few things that you can do to make it a little easier.

First of all think about which type of customer you would like to attract. Don’t say any. You need to narrow the field down so that you know exactly who it is that you are trying to attract. For example, look at the criteria below:

  • Men or women
  • Age range
  • Income bracket
  • Hobbies or interests
  • Where they live
  • What similar products or services do they buy
  • Where would they usually shop for these products or services
  • What magazines or articles would they tend to read

This is not an exhaustive list but you get the general idea. By knowing exactly what your customer looks like you are now far better equipped to go out and attract them.

Let’s say for example that you are selling jeans on your website. You know that the jeans are equally suitable for old and young alike. But consider this…

What is the young person looking for in their jeans? Do they want to look sexy, attractive, show off their curves or muscles?

What would an older person want from their jeans? Durability, comfort, quality of denim?

You get the picture. If you wanted to attract older customers for your jeans you would have to talk about the things they wanted from the jeans. If, however you wanted to sell the jeans to a younger customer you would have to approach it in a totally different way and point out the features and benefits that they found more appealing.

It isn’t that you can’t sell to everyone, it is just that you need to sell to everyone in a slightly different way. You need to figure out what it is that they are looking for. What problems do they have, what questions do they want answers to and what pain points are they experiencing. You then need to show them how your product or service is going to solve those problems, answer those questions or alleviate their pain.

If you talked about your jeans being cut to fit the body perfectly and that they will show off the curves and long legs you would attract young customers to your jeans. If you talked about your jeans being comfortable to wear, durable and good quality denim then you would attract older customers to your jeans.

Don’t be lazy though. If you try and talk about both things in one sales pitch then you are most likely going to put both sets of customers off.

So that’s really all there is to it. I’m not suggesting that this is going to happen over night. It is a skill that you will probably have to learn. You will have to try different things to see which work on what customer and you will then have to hone these skills until they become second nature. It is well worth the effort though as you will find out when you start attracting the exact customers that you are looking for.

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How to attract more customers

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