Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme

Join me in my Mentoring Programme

Are you looking to build your business fast? Do you want to shorten the learning curves that will inevitably slow you down? Are you tired of trying different things and finding that none of them work? Are you fed up of having to find different mentors every time you want to learn something new?

Everyone wants an “easy button” when it comes to running a business… People looking to make money tend to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success, which is why I’m constantly asked…

“How did you do it Lynne? What’s the secret?”

(If you just want to get on with it without all the pre-amble then please feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your payment option - I promise I won't be offended).

Well, to be honest, there is a secret.

So here it is… I’ll give you the “secret”…

It took me five years of failure after failure before this finally sank in, but once it did, everything changed… I went from being a struggling business owner just about making enough to scrape through to running a successful business doing something I love every day.

During those first five years, I thought success would come as a result of something outside myself such as a product, a miracle business opportunity, or an opportunity to meet someone who would show me how.

And then one of my mentors said something to me that I’ll never forget…

He said, “Lynne… If you want to be successful, then you have to become someone who is capable of being successful”.

And that was my light-bulb moment…

I finally gave into the fact that I needed to focus on becoming a successful person instead of trying to cheat the system.

So if you want the “secret” to success, here it is…

The amount of success you achieve is a direct reflection of something I call your “IFA”, or “Individual Focusing Ability”.

The human mind is capable of focusing on whatever you tell it to. The trick is to be able to keep it focused on that thing day after day, no matter what. This is your individual focusing ability and everyone’s ability is different.

For example, some people can say they want to lose weight and manage to focus just long enough to find a suitable diet or club to join and then their focus shifts to something else.

There is an almost endless supply of this type of person.

It takes no effort or focus to blame the poor choice of diet for their failure to lose weight, or their age, or their large bones or their genetics. How often have you heard (or made) these excuses?

The ones that succeed in their diets, and their businesses, are the people who focus clearly on what they want to achieve and stay focused on that all week, and every week until they achieve their end result.

There are not many of this type of person, which is why success is perceived as hard to achieve.

So how do you become someone who is capable of being successful?

It’s quite simple really. It requires you to be 4 things:

  1. Open minded
  2. Coachable
  3. Determined to succeed
  4. Focused

Most of us have pre-conceived ideas about how we should go about things. We know what we think “should” work or what it “should” look like. We have certain beliefs about how the world works, usually based on previous experience. As you are now embarking on something that is totally new to you, you need to open your mind and allow new beliefs and ideas to enter.

Most of us don’t like to be told what to do, or that our ideas aren’t workable or viable. We don’t like the thought of having to pass the credit for our success onto someone else. To be successful will require you to let go of this ridiculous notion. Success is a direct result of you being able to take instructions and implement them.

Most of us would say we are determined to succeed, but are we? We say we will do anything to succeed, but will we? We all have our comfort zones and these are places we don’t want to exit. For example when I mention having to sell a product or service most people tell me they are not sales people. Well guess what? You are going to have to become sales people. If you are truly determined then you will do whatever you need to do to make your business work.

Most of us are not focused. We think we are, but when it comes down to it we are far too distracted by other shiny objects to concentrate on what is important. It is this trait alone that causes most of our failures, both in business and in life. Learning to focus will be the ONE thing that will make the difference between you becoming successful in your business – or not.

So how can I help you to build a profitable business fast?

I became those 4 things. I worked on every single aspect of myself.

I took a degree in psychology to learn more about how the mind works and how you can use it to overcome obstacles and hurdles.

I did a life coaching course that taught me about values, beliefs, inner communication and how to transform all these things into something useful in my life.

I sought out mentors who could help me in business:

  • Ryan Deiss – Digital Marketer – how to find and target your customers online
  • Guy and ilan Ferdeman – Satori Prime – How to use Facebook for marketing
  • Mike Dillard – How to create sales and advertising copy
  • Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek – Digital Academy – internet marketing and website creation
  • Russel Brunson – ClickFunnels – How to create sales funnels that convert
  • Caitlin Bacher – How to use Facebook groups to grow your business
  • Kim Walsh-Philips – How to use Facebook pages to grow your business

The total cost of all this learning and development was about £18,000. Yes, that is eighteen thousand pounds. But don’t switch off thinking you don’t have this kind of money to spend.

I didn’t have most of it either at the time. I took out student loans, borrowed a bit from my parents and used my earning from my full time job to fund the rest of it – but you don’t have to do that either so keep reading

It took me a total of 7 years to attain all of that – not what you would call a fast process was it?

So how is that relevant to building a profitable business fast?

Well the thing is, because I went and did all those things, you don’t have to.

I took the time, and money, to get that education. (I do love learning though so don’t feel too sorry for me) so that I could figure out the secret of success. Turns out it is much more simple than I had thought.

It isn’t knowing all that stuff that makes you successful, it’s knowing what to do with it that makes you successful. Let me explain…

Knowing how to create a Facebook advert was very useful in itself, but if you don’t know how to create an advert that is going to attract, engage, entice or get people’s money off them then it’s of no real value.

Knowing how to build a sales funnel is brilliant, but if you have no clue how to create products or services to sell through the funnel then it’s not going to be of much use to you is it?

Knowing you need a Facebook page for your business is good, but knowing how to use that page to actually generate leads and money is fantastic. Get my point?

This is where I come into my own!

I can teach you all that I learnt in those 7 years – but much faster. I can then show you how to implement it in your business straight away. I can shorten those learning curves so that you hardly notice them. I can advise you what to do, how to do it and when to do it in my simple 7 Step System!

Imagine learning how to create a lead capture page for your Facebook page and 2 hours later you have one on your page that is totally aligned to your sales strategy.

Imagine learning how to create a following of thousands and have it in just 3 days.

Imagine being able to get your brand new website on page one or two of Google for FREE in just a day

Imagine having a way of totally automating your advertising and marketing so that you just sit back and watch the leads come in to your business. No sales calls!

Imagine having a totally structured, ready to rock business that is brand aligned, sales aligned and customer focused in just a few months.

Most businesses take years to achieve all this. This is why it takes a long time to become profitable.

But yours is not most businesses. Yours is a business that is going places. Yours is a business that is going to become profitable fast!

Success is just a series of goals that have been achieved. If you want to start achieving your goals today then JOIN MY MENTORING PROGRAMME!

This mentoring programme will take you through a whole year. You will learn how to develop a good entrepreneurial mind-set, how to set goals that you can’t help but achieve, how to overcome negativity in your life as well as how to build a community of customers who will do your selling for you.

You will have access to hours of tutorials that will will teach you just about anything you need to know about growing your business into a 5,6 or 7 figure business – the skills you will learn here will be all you need to create whatever size business you desire.

The lifestyle that comes with it will be up to you too. You will be shown how to automate your business as far as possible so that you don’t have to be tied to your laptop. The real beauty of creating your own business and being the boss is that you get to spend time with people you love and on things you enjoy.

So join me and see where you can take your business.

Included in the Price:

  • Tutorials (Marketing strategies, Sales strategies, Social Media, Website design, online tools and automation programmes, email marketing, blogging and much much more)
  • The e-book on “Attraction Marketing”  by Stuart Ross Online marketing expert and millionaire
  • Weekly Meet-ups (online)
  • Monthly management meetings (strategies, techniques, methodologies)
  • 2 hours of one to one coaching per month
  • Free admission to any or all of my workshops for the duration of the programme
  • Goal setting strategies and workshops
  • Mind-set coaching (to become successful you need to be prepared to be successful)
  • Lynne’s Live! – weekly live video to answer all the difficult questions that were posed the previous week
  • The chance to learn how to become a coach yourself if you want to
  • Plus the £18,000 worth of training and qualifications that have gone into this mentoring programme.

ALL THIS for just £1200 per year (*If you book in January 2019)

Too expensive? If this is what you’re thinking then you are not ready to take your business up a notch – and that’s fine, not everyone is. Keep working on it, join our free community, turn up for the live events and join in the discussions and you will soon be ready to take this next step.

Can’t afford to pay up front? If that’s what you’re thinking then I have you covered. I know it is difficult when you are small business owner. You want to make money, but you have to keep spending money first right? Well unfortunately that is the nature of business. You have to speculate to accumulate.

To help you out, because I was once where you are now, not only am I offering all this for the lowest price possible but I am also offering you the chance to pay by monthly installments 12 x £100. This works out at £23.07 per week and I know for a fact that you will not be able to get this level of support anywhere else for less.

What do you spend £23.07 each week? Cigarettes, alcohol, takeaway food, Costa coffee, unnecessary stuff in your shopping trolley? I bet you could easily find this amount if you wanted to – or not, the choice is really up to you.

Want to save £200? For those of you who are willing to take the bull by the horns and commit to a year of training with me by paying up front, I will give you 2 months absolutely FREE! I applaud your courage and tenacity and know that you will be one of the people I will be waving off into the sunset as you achieve all your dreams and goals. I look forward to that day very much and know that it is only 12 months away.

Who is this programme for?

  • People who are ready to take their businesses to the stratosphere and beyond
  • Those who have some money to spend on advertising but don’t know where or how to spend it
  • Those who need help with technology and all things “online”
  • Those who are coachable and willing to learn
  • Those who want to really develop themselves so that they can have not a good life but a great one
  • People who are open-minded
  • People who are doers and are prepared to have a go


Who is this programme NOT for?

  • Those who are not going to turn up in the group and take part (you get out what you put in)
  • Those who find excuses not to do something
  • Those who give up when the first thing they try fails
  • People who are not willing to be coached
  • Those who are not willing to learn new skills, techniques, methods etc
  • Those who moan rather than get on with the task in hand.


So, if you are part of the first group then we would love to have you. Just click on your preferred payment option link below and let the fun begin! Your payments will be handled by PayPal to ensure your financial security.

There’s also a FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you work with me for 30 days and then feel that it’s not a right fit for you, providing you can show that you’ve done the work and made an effort, any monies paid will be refunded in full and future payments cancelled. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

* The price of this programme increases to £2,400 or £200 per month on Feb 1st 2019

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