Start A Blog For Less Than £$4

Start A Blog For Less Than £$4

Start a blog for less than $4 if you are in the USA or under £4 if you're in the UK.  Starting a blog doesn't have to be anywhere near as expensive as you might think.

There are many hosting companies out there that will give you an excellent price to host your blog, you just need to know where to look.

I have put together what I believe to be the top hosting services for each country and here's why...(You can, of course, choose either option whether you are UK or USA based).

Note –This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through this or any of the links on this post I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps us support the running of this website and continue to publish helpful content. I use these companies in my own business, which is why I’m happily an affiliate! Thank you all for your support!

The Top Hosting Service In the UK

This is just my opinion, but I have worked with numerous hosting companies over the years and with hundreds of my clients, so this is how I have made up my mind on the top hosting service for the UK

Of all the UK hosting companies I have used or come across over the years, TSO is by far my favourite. They are UK based and charge in £s which is easier for UK based businesses and bloggers. They have the most excellent support team that I have ever used and can be contacted by either telephone or instant chat.

They offer a free domain name with any of their hosting packages and support all types of website templates including Joomla and WordPress.

Their least expensive option works out at £1.61 per month for 2 years (although you do have to pay up front to get this price). Nevertheless, you can have a fully hosted website or blog for 2 years for just £32 all in. I consider that to be excellent value and have never been able to find anything anywhere near that price in the UK.

I have been recommending TSO for years to my clients and now I am recommending them to my wider online audience too. I have absolutely no doubt that you will find them to be as supportive and excellent as I always have.

If you choose this option, I have created a little step by step course on how to get your blog up and running in just an hour using TSO Hosting services. You can get your copy here for just £9.99.  Happy Blogging.

The Top Hosting Service In the USA

This is just my opinion but I have worked with hundreds of clients who have used numerous different hosting services across the USA and this is the one I found to be top for value and service in the USA

Starting at $3.95 per month Bluehost offer a free domain name with your hosting service, 24/7 support and a 30 day money back guarantee (which I think is excellent if you are just trying things out).

Bluehost is an award winning webhosting service and has supported thousands of businesses and blogs over their lifetime. They have an enourmous amount of helpful posts on their blog which you get access to as a customer as well as great telephone support and an instant chat option if you need speedier support.

Their least expensive option is more than capable of supporting your blog and you would only ever need to upgrade your service once your readerships hits the hundreds of thousands or you need to upload lots of large files such as photographs or videos to your site.

In my opinion, Bluehost is an excellent hosting service and one that I would and do happily recommend to all my American clients.

If you are ready to start a blog and would like to know a little more about what a blog is, what it does, how to create one and how to get people reading it, then I have just the thing…

A little while ago I created a mini-course for my clients to help them get up and running quicker. I am making it available to those who read this post for just £9.99 so that you can get off to a flying start and do things properly from the outset.

Get your mini-course here for just £9.99 (approx $14 for those of you in the US)

Blogging is my favourite way to make a living (YES you absolutely can make a living from blogging). I love being able to share my knowledge and the tools and resources that I find along the way. I’m all about making life easier and cheaper for the new blogger or business person and that is borne out in this blog.

If you would like to be kept informed of the new tools, methods, techniques and information that I come across on my daily travels through the internet, then please subscribe to my blog and I will keep you regularly posted. Psst, I’ll also show you how to get subscribers to your blog too!

That’s it from me for now. I will be back in a day or so with some other great find so happy blogging and catch you later.

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